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Mexican Red Knee TarantulaI have been keeping tarantulas since 1994, currently my collection is around 6 spiders. At one time I had 25, all of different species. Tarantulas make great pets as long as you have the right attitude. They are not active, or interactive. Tarantulas are best viewed like tropical fish, interesting to watch but not to touch. Click here for information on tarantula care and housing.

Most people have an adverse reaction when they hear you keep tarantulas. Some common misconceptions are that all tarantulas are mean and go out of their way to attack you, and that their venom is deadly. In reality most tarantulas (except for a few select species) will do anything to avoid people and only bite as a last resort. The majority of tarantulas have venom similar to a bee sting, causing minor swelling and discomfort. The major danger from a tarantula bite is an allergic or anaphalactic reaction to the venom, which can occur.



Species Kept

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