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Nemo's One Vice

First, let me preface this by saying that Nemo is a good dog. Not just a good dog, a Very Good Dog. He had a few youthful indiscretions with counter surfing but other than that I couldn't ask for a better dog, in 10 years not one accident in the house. He's just an easy going, easy to get along with and live with dog.

That being said, he has a thing for the trash can under my desk. Its the only trash can he bothers - somehow he knows the others are off limits and messing with them would not be tolerated. He's not only a Very Good Dog, he is a Very Smart Dog. He uses his nose much like a hand. When he first discovered the trash under my desk I thought I was smart and got one of those metal cans with a step-opened lid. He knocked it over - but got chastized for it. He learned that in order to get the goodies that he most desires from the trash can he must do it without leaving overt evidence of his crime.

He uses his nose to nudge the lid over and over until he bumps it open, then delicately sorts through the trash. I know this because he's gone a little deaf in his old age and I've snuck up and watched him do it. You may wonder what is worth all this work - believe it or not its those little brown paper bags that you get whenever you buy goodies from Starbucks. I throw empty bags in there but apparently they still have essence of Mint Brownie or Marble Pound Cake crumbs that Nemo just can't resist. Sometimes he'll hit the jackpot and get his favorite, an old Starbucks cup with some mocha dregs in the bottom. I found this the other day and I've decided he's old, it takes a lot of work for him to get this stuff out without knocking the can over, I just can't bring myself to get mad at him. I just laughed and let him take a nap with his bag, then cleaned it up later.

"Uh oh, I'm caught."

"Nothing to see here, move along please."

"Thank you for not taking my bag."

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