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Nemo Attacked!

On the evening of June 17th our whippet Nemo was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd outside our local Starbucks. I was just walking to find a seat when a large barking shepherd came barreling around the corner and went straight for Nemo. I managed to grab the dog by the scruff and tried to wrestle him away from my dog. The shepherd's owner stood there stupefied while I grappled with her dog. By the time she regained control Nemo had two large gashes in his right shoulder.

We quickly got her name, phone number, and a promise that she would pay the vet bills and headed for the Emergency Clinic in Leesburg. He ended up going under anesthesia so the vet could place a drain in his shoulder and suture the gashes. Almost all of the surrounding skin on his right shoulder was completely lifted and torn off the muscle beneath. Nemo came home extremely groggy from the anesthesia and long lasting painkillers.

Nemos bite wound close up view of Nemo's shoulder

He was so out of it he couldn't even put his tongue in his mouth, let alone walk. He didn't sleep much during the night, he was very nervous and jumpy. This morning he has been more alert, but still nervous and clingy. He has been panting off and on because of the pain and has a hard time going up and down steps. We are hoping the pain abates within the next 36 hours or so.

Nemo on drugs Nemo after the emergency clinic, completely out of it

We ended up having to go to court to recover the costs, the woman was completely insane and denied any responsibility (including giving us a fake phone number). The worst thing was seeing her sitting up at that Starbucks, with the same stupid German Shepherd after the attack.


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