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Welcome to the Zoo

Welcome to, my personal site launched in 2002. Here you can find information about my whippets, care and species information on tarantulas and care and breeding information on monitor lizards. I no longer keep or breed monitors and my tarantula collection is down to a few spiders.

I live in Northern Florida with my husband, Mark. We moved here in 2008 from Northern VA. We currently share our home with Lemmy (whippet), Raven (ocicat), Willy (greek tortoise) and 5 tarantulas. We love Florida's mild winters and it makes up (almost) for the brutal summers. Having a pool helps, especially on those days its too hot to run outside. We can just hop in the pool and throw the dogs in too.


About Me

I am a hobbyist with a degree in biology and experience as a vet tech. I graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I love animals and have owned many different reptiles and pocket pets. I also volunteered in Wildlife Rehab and particularly enjoyed raising orphaned opossums. I worked in various jobs over the years, I started as the web developer for a financial firm then left to develop's website and community, which was then bought out by I ran's community for about a year then ended up at AOL leading the Women's and Food Communities. I've worked for Lithium Technologies since Oct 2008, starting in Community Management and Moderation and now as a Techical Consultant doing front-end engineeering. I am very lucky to work with a great group of people, and that unlike many people, I truly love my job!

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